Many of the interstate agreements governing water use are decades old. What does that mean when we get into a drought situation the signers of those agreements couldn’t imagine? This week, anchor Brock Yordy looks at the Colorado River Compact, which went into effect a century ago. Now that the West is decades into the worst dry spell in 1,200 years, what about the Compact needs to change? It’s Driller Newscast, episode 24.

This episode covers:

  • Safe driving, construction work around school zones and in neighborhoods
  • 救援希望被困在墨西哥的科瓦伊拉州地下地下的矿工
  • 《降低通货膨胀法》将如何影响钻井行业
  • 稀土开采的资金
  • Funding for heat pumps, geothermal
  • Funding for Western drought relief
  • 科罗拉多河紧凑和管理历史悠久的西方干旱

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