Solving water issues for low-income and rural citizens can prove both difficult and rewarding. That’s where the Water Well Trust comes in. The non-profit arm of the Water Systems Council works to coordinate low-cost financing for families to repair or install their home water well. On this episode, we talk to WSC Executive Director Margaret Martens.

“There are over two million Americans living without water in their homes, and people do not realize that,” Martens says.

This episode covers:

  • Safe driving, construction work in urban areas
  • Securing construction sites for safety
  • 救援希望被困在墨西哥的科瓦伊拉州地下地下的矿工
  • Infrastructure projects and prevailing wages
  • Waters of the United States (WOTUS)
  • 努力为美国服务不足的地区获得安全的饮用水

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