Historic droughts have had a wide-ranging effect on the U.S. West. But, as droughts persist, policy choices and harder – as do temptations to bend or avoid the rules. Anchor Brock Yordy rounds up some of these issues this week. It’s Driller Newscast episode 27.

“We need to be on top of these things from our state level and our National Ground Water Association level,” Yordy says, “and understand how we can be a positive impact.”

This episode covers:

  • Refocusing on jobsite safety after a holiday weekend
  • Federal Infrastructure Law funds for plugging orphan oil & gas wells
  • 联邦基础设施法资金用于水资源项目
  • ASR Wells和其他钻机的机会
  • Oregon’s Klamath Irrigation District dispute with federal water authorities
  • 内布拉斯加州神秘的剑桥运河释放
  • Fraud and market manipulation in water access
  • The importance of reliable, accurate data in building water use policy

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